are you ready for some clarity?


The Covid-19 pandemic has been a major shake up for so many businesses and Brisan, being born during the pandemic, have learnt to expect the unexpected with the forever changing legislation from government and the importance of having real-time information to hand to make those difficult daily decisions to ensure long-term health of the business.

Our basic mission is to provide business owners with Clarity and ensure a surprise bill never hits their desks.



Clarity’; our minimum service level, is a monthly reporting service that is given to all of our clients, regardless of size, sector or their expertise in finances. This is the foundation to build business success on and something you deserve as a business owner.

How confident are you in knowing your results from last month, how those results compare with the month before and same time last year? Do you know much company and personal tax you should have set aside today and how much is available for investment or drawings? This is the ‘Clarity‘ we will provide for your business.

As skilled professionals we are able provide high value to our clients with our ‘Insight’ and/or ‘Challenge’ service.